Meet the Team

Board of Directors


From Left to Right: Dennis Gross, Anthony Hollis (Retired), Eileen Smyth (Deputy CEO), Rod Laing (CEO), John McClelland (President), Terry Psarakis (Vice President), Robert Both, Max Sharpe (Treasurer), Alice Edmunds




Robyn Taylor  Geoff Shanley  Keith Clark  Therese Brodbeck

Robyn Taylor

Operations Facility Manager

Geoff Shanley

Technical Services Manager

Keith Clark

Administrative Services Manager

Therese Brodbeck

Employee Relations Manager

 Graham Menzies  Sandy Barnett  Leesa Peck  Chris Hardy

Graham Menzies

Customer Services Manager

Sandy Barnett

Catering Manager

Leesa Peck

Functions & Events Manager

Chris Hardy

Membership Manager

Mandy Logan Michelle Bullock    

Amanda Logan

Entertainment & Promotions 

Michelle Bullock

Executive Assistant








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